Corporate Training

Equip your teams with the right skills

“Hiring Cloud Engineers and folks externally will cost more money than it does to upskill our employees and it [training] gives our employees the feeling of empowerment and the development that they need”.

– Leigh Ann Seidensticker, Senior Consultant in Organizational Change Management, Cardinal Health
Equip your teams with the skills required to thrive in a fast-paced environment. We offer personalized training for your corporate team. Work with a training specialist to build a learning plan for your team. Identify the courses, learning platforms, and training partners you need to prepare your team for the next level of their career advancement.

Every company is navigating its own unique digital transformation and skills gap. Our training focuses on the following areas:

  • \Reduce ramp-up time for new employees
  • \Develop & reinforce common language and skillset
  • \Offer ongoing training and upskilling aligned with your development plans
  • \Provide hands-on applied learning critical for new hires
  • \Align learning paths to roles
  • \Integrate with your company’s broader training curriculum and learning portal

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