Frequently Asked Questions?

Can anyone without an IT background be eligible to take any of your courses?

Yes, everyone with a keen interest in IT will be capable of going through the program successfully. Our programs are tailored for people with different backgrounds. We have programs in place that are dedicated for trainees with advance background in IT. We will place you after a placement test and a brief career counselling in the appropriate program that will suit your needs

How are your programs offered? Can one take this program from any part of the world?

All our programs are offered virtually using a variety of software (zoom, Google meets, and GoToMeeting). You will be provided all the details on how to login to the classroom once you have been fully registered and obtain a trainee registration number. All our programs can be taken from any part of the world. All you need is a good laptop, good access to the internet and a quiet environment, where you can focus with little or no distractions.

What is the duration of each program?

Each course duration is different. Please check out our courses outline online  to get a full understanding on how our courses are structured.

What is the cost of each program?

Our prices are very affordable, carefully designed with the aim of giving back through community empowerment. We have made it very affordable and flexible through monthly installment payments for everyone willing to take any of our programs to be able to do so without much pressure. Once you make you make your down payment due 2 weeks after classes resume, you can choose from many of our installment options available online.

Do you have special discounts for trainees planning to take the course from Africa?

Yes definitely. In the same spirit of community empowerment, we have a 60% discounts. In order to qualify for this special discount, trainees must agree with the terms and conditions of the institution regarding trainees from Africa. Candidate must be willing to submit documents when requested by the admission office to substantiate their application. 

What are your payment methods?

We accept payments via direct bank deposit through the company main banks, Paypal, Cashapp, Zelle Transfer and Bitcoin payments. (see payment page for more details)

What training materials do I need for the entire training?

All you need for any of our program is a good laptop, good access to internet and a quiet environment at home, where you can focus and study with little or no distractions. The laptop specification is based on the course you plan to take with us. Check on the course details for more information

Are there any course materials needed for the training, which are included in the tuition fees?

We at KiawiTechIT Academy understand the importance of complete knowledge and a holistic development and that is why we provide you with a plethora of learning resources that are varied in their structures and forms.

We provide you with e-books needed for the program worth over $200, we equally provide informational blogs, videos, podcasts etc to supplement whatever you learn from the online training session. Not only this, once the session is over, the recording is also delivered to you for anytime access.

We provide you with all the certification materials needed for all your certifications examination. A recent survey caried out by KiawiTechIT Academy shows a 100% success rate for all the trainees that have taken the certification using our certification materials worth over $300. Also, once the training is complete, you get specialized sessions on certification examination wherein we teach you about some good techniques to manage your time, study schedule etc for your certification. 

Finally, all the most expensive software needed for your training is equally provided for you free of charge. We work only with corporate licensing only, so you can rest assure you are going to be saving over 10K+ on the software licensing cost alone. We do this in the same spirit of what we stand for, community empowerment.

Do you provide your trainees with jobs after their training at KiawiTechIT or do you at least help them in the job application process?

Job application is a fundamental part of our training. We accompany everyone through the application process starting with resume building, one-on-one interview preparation, I days interview bootcamps, mentorship program for better follow up and much more. We never promise to provide a job at the end of the training to any of our trainees, but those that have followed all the programs listed above

Have successfully found high paying jobs in the job market with little or no resistance. Your situation won’t be different from these trainees that have graciously given us some positive feedback and testimonials as seen here

What is your current placement rate?

We pride ourselves as one of the best IT vocational training centers in Texas, nationwide and internationally. Considering the fact this is a vocational training, people will always have personal reasons like, not wanting to relocate to another town to get that first job, commute is too far, looking purely for remote jobs, not ready to enter the job market etc. These many reasons why our placement rate is estimated at 70% right now.

What is the average salary for a database administrator in the USA job market
  • Starting Salary for Jr DBA with little or no experience: 80 – 100k/yr.
  • Midlevel Database Administrator/Cloud Administrator: 110-130k/yr.
  • Sr Database Administrators and cloud Engineers: 130 -180k/yr.
How do I know which course best fit my background?

That is a very simple thing. All you need to do right now is to visit our website and request for a callback or you can take advantage of our 24/7  live chat option on our website. Our student support center will get in touch with you and clear all your doubts and answer your queries.

We equally have career counseling sessions on our website, where you can book an appointment and talk to a career counselor, who will take a look at your profile, educational background, past experience, your interest area, and will suggest you what all courses you can take to rejuvenate or boost your career.

Still unsure which career path to choose?