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About KiawiTechIT Academy

KiawiTechIT Academy was founded in 2018 with the aim of providing the much-needed IT skills in the field of Database Administration and Cloud Computing. Created with the intention to leave no one behind, KiawiTechIT Academy seeks to empower the community through Education leading to succesful careers in various fields of information technology (IT). So far, KiawiTechIT Academy has trained, graduated and placed hundreds of trainees in top fortune 500 companies in the USA, Germany and other parts of the world.

Our training is tailored towards filling up identified knowledge gaps in highly compettitive career fields in the IT industry. We have produced thousands of extraordinary, and easy to understand tutorials, that give learners globally trending top-rated skills and know-how.

KiawiTechIT Academy through its consulting unit assists its clients with multiple services, among which are:

  • On-the-job support with Database Administrators on Demand;
  • On-site support for all Enterprise Database-related issues;
  • Onsite training for all Enterprise Database-related technologies & configurations;
  • Assistance in the migration of Datacenters;
  • Disaster Recovery training across multiple relational database platforms;
  • Career coaching and job placement services.

Our Mission

The mission of KiawiTechIT Academy is to empower people through IT training by providing unlimited access to tools and resources necessary to demystify a career in the IT industry.

We have a well-organized staff who are committed to maintaining the highest levels of Excellence, Integrity and professionalism. We also offer a suite of quality services that will help you get there quickly and smoothly.

our process


01 Plan

Achieving any goal depends heavily on both the amount of time spent planning for it and the magnitude of the goal set. At KiawiTechIT Academy, planning is counted as the first step to success as it enables individuals to understand that some sacrifices must be made to effectively take our training. We strongly encourage strategic planning as; failing to plan implies one is planning to fail.

01 Study

Next to having a strategic plan is actually putting in the work: Studying. There is no better way of successfully navigating through any course except for taking it seriously and studying for it. In our process, studying is the surest path to securing a smooth transition from any other field to the IT sector.

01 Experiment

Experimentation is what puts our trainees ahead of others in the job market. Right from the classroom, we bring them face-to-face with real work scenarios and projects that adequately mold them into future IT professionals.

01 Score

At KiawiTechIT Academy, scores go beyond the digits used to quantify academic success. Scores for us refer to: success in familiarizing oneself with their future work console; total mastery of the work environment and full preparedness to enter the world of work. We go the extra mile to obtain the required scores for all our trainees.

01 Get Certiifed

Certification is the surest outcome of effectively executing a study plan that has yielded scores at KiawiTechIt. Once prepared, we accompany you to your certification in the surest way possible.

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Our Vision is to make careers in the IT industry accessible and affordable for all, by providing a platform where full potentials can be attained.

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