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October 21 2022

KiawiTechIT Academy: Why we are your Best Bet

KiawiTechIT is a citadel of learning: an institution that makes it possible for people to realize their dreams of becoming professionals in IT domains like Microsoft SQL Server Database administration, Azure computing, Structured Query language (SQL) and Amazon Web Services (AWS). We are not only people-friendly but also efficient and results-oriented. We take people with zero knowledge of information technology up the IT ladder in six months. A trainees’ journey, however, does not end there. We walk every trainee through the entire job search process and accompany them right into their first job.
Through our interview bootcamps, our community of instructors and mentors offers intense resume fine-tuning sessions and job interview simulations, thereby arming our trainees with impeccable skills that make them outstanding. In the pursuit of mental empowerment, KiawiTechIT has coined a magic formula, which if applied would guarantee success for even the weakest of trainees. Our magic formula is : Determination + Hard Work + consistency = success. This formula lays emphasis on the role of an individual’s willingness to succeed in our training. All they need to do is be hungry for success and we’d do the rest. We are not only an IT training center but your partner up the IT success ladder.

Founded in 2018, the KiawiTechIT Academy has supplied over a hundred trainees to top fortune 500 companies in the USA and empowered many more with six-figure jobs in and out of the USA.
Our mission is to empower people through IT training by providing unlimited access to tools and resources necessary to demystify careers in the IT industry. By making information technology training in the aforementioned fields accessible to everyone (including you) we match our mission with action.

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Our Vision is to make careers in the IT industry accessible and affordable for all, by providing a platform where full potentials can be attained.

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