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December 28 2023

Giving Back to Society: The Kiawi Foundation Inc. (

The Kiawi foundation has made it possible for sixty-one deserving candidates to benefit from full scholarships to study at KiawiTechIT. Some of the foundation’s benefactors, who finally joined the six-figure family, have become prime donors to the scholarship scheme, making it possible for more people to benefit from our life changing information technology training.

On a larger scale, the foundation makes it possible for KiawiTechIT trainings to be available to candidates in poorer parts of the world at a subsidized rate. Training fees are provided to them at a discount rate to the tune of 75%. Together, the KiawiTechIT Academy and the Kiawi Foundation’s ultimate goal is to give back to society by empowering people through lucrative skills in various fields of information technology.
On the charity side, the Kiawi Foundation Inc. has a mission to spread the goodness of God globally and to empower women and children in remote areas. This is done by sponsoring orphaned and vulnerable children with financial challenges through education, providing them with food and free healthcare services in accordance with Luke 8:16 & Joshua 24:15. The foundation has and continues to impact the lives of the underprivileged in remote parts of Africa, giving them hope and food to live on.
The Kiawi Foundation has also partnered with the Houston Food bank in the USA to make food available to the homeless and needy in the great City of Houston.

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